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So, the other week my mom found my stash of chocopies in my room. She ate one. She's now an addict. She just stopped by my work with six boxes of chocopies (because "they were on sale") to give me one. xD;;;
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Hey babies. I know I haven't updated in... well, forever. And my first post in forever is going to start with me whining. Sorry. I'll talk about more important things after I vent.

ASDFGHJK; today is one of my days off. I went to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at midnight last night, so I didn't get home until after 3 a.m. I've been sleeping like crap lately, so I decided to set my alarm for 10 a.m. Around 9:30 a.m., in the room next to mine, my dad started playing video files on his laptop at top volume, and was hooting and hollaring at whatever he was watching, effectively waking me up. I got up and walked out of my room to the stairs and he was like, "Oh, did the noise wake you? I'll put it on mute." Fuck you. When I got downstairs to the kitchen, I could hear every single word playing from your laptop in perfect clarity. It was that loud. Yes, I know I only lost half an hour of sleep, but it's just the way I was woken up. How rude.

Okay. That's done. Now what have I been up to? What's new?

I managed to convince April to drive with me to North Carolina to visit Jill and Jack for New Years. Had some issues with April once we got their and had to have a talk with her. Was also introduced to J&J's friend, Dennis. Super cool and super hot. We hit it off. Great self esteem booster. I also followed the veggie diet while we were there since Jill's a vegetarian. I decided to remain a pescetarian once we left, so I've been a pescetarian for seven months now.

I thought I was going to graduate in May, but it turns out trying to take the bare minimum number of courses for my degree didn't leave me with enough extra credits to cover my electives requirement. I'm now graduating in August with a BBA in Marketing with a minor in Sociology.

When the application process opens up in the Fall, I will be applying to the JET Programme. It's not a requirement to know Japanese, but I've always wanted to learn it and I figure it will give me an edge since JET is so competitive and hard to get into, so I'm working on teaching myself now. I think I want to go to the Hyogo prefecture of the Kansai region, but I'll probably just tell them I'm flexible for the location. If I'm not picky, maybe they'll pick me!

Last important point! I finally decided I'm completely fed up with my shitty skin, so I will be starting Accutane, hopefully next month. If it works, I could have clear skin for good by the end of the year! I want this more than pretty much anything, except maybe to go to the Far East. But I don't want to go to the Far East without clear skin, so... yeah.

Okay. That's a long update. Anything I missed I can cover later, like convention and cosplay stuff.

I want a shrimp quesadilla and a cold Diet Coke.
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Right. So. I've got two more papers left to do this semester, both for Dr. White. One is on minorities and education inequality (Race and Ethnic Relations class), and the other is probably going to be on Cancer Alley, Louisiana (Environmental Sociology class). He extended the deadline for everyone. He is awesome.

I've been pulling all-nighters and sleeping like crap when I do sleep, and stressing to the max, and I'm 95% sure I have an ulcer. What am I doing about this? I'm drinking more coffee, of course.

Yesterday, Austin reported a record high of 81F, and by midnight was reporting snow. A cold front moved through the area and temperatures dropped 20 degrees in about an hour and a half. It was fan-diddly-tastic. I have no idea if we got any snow here in Harker Heights, because I passed out (I mean, seriously passed out) somewhere around 11 p.m.

My stomach burns. It's 30F, but feels like 16F. I think I'll so swimming. In an indoor pool, obviously. Yeah. And then to work.

Shiiit, I'm still groggy.

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I am meeting with Dr. Florey this evening to check that I am on track with my classes and to get my graduation packet signed. I will be graduating in May.

Edit: After doing a self-evaluation of my classes on DuckTrax prior to my meeting with Dr. Florey, I realized that the credits from three of the classes I had taken weren't being counted, and that I was short a core business course and two general electives. Met with Florey and a general advisor. Got substitution paperwork for the three classes started, and decided to graduate in the Summer rather than the Spring so I don't have to take 18 hours next semester to make graduation in May. I was bummed, but this gives me more time to decide what to do post-graduation.

Four weeks left this semester. Here's a list of all the things I have left to do. I will be updating this list as each assignment is completed.

Marketing Research
- Code Questionnaire
- Chapter 12 Questions
- Chapter 13 Questions
- Chapter 14 Questions
- Chapter 20 Questions
- Final Exam

Stratification and Inequality
- Discussion Paper 11
- Book Review
- Discussion Paper 13
- Research Paper
- Final Exam

Race and Ethnic Relations
- Discussion Paper 11
- Research Paper
- Final Exam

Environmental Sociology
- Movie Review 1
- Discussion Paper 5
- Movie Review 2
- Movie Review 3
- Research Paper
Exclamation point!

Nabbed from selphish.

Yes, I support and vote for Nader.

Voting for the President--A New Type of Transparency
Posted October 28, 2008

Imagine being in the voting booth and the only thing you have to go on is the candidates' stand on the issues. Imagine voting purely based on a candidate's record. Imagine not knowing anything about a candidate's personality. Imagine not even knowing a candidate's gender or race. Imagine that nothing would get in the way of making an educated, informed decision.

The Upper School Student Council imagined such an election and on October 28, 2008 five candidates addressed the entire Upper School. Under the direction of teacher Taylor Black, they presented issue-oriented platforms, presenting their stance on Iraq, Afghanistan, healthcare, abortion, the bailout, gay marriage, drilling for oil, immigration, death penalty, public education, and Israel.

The students listened and then they voted. It was only after they elected Bari Saltman that they learned they had elected Ralph Nader (Bari received 46% of the votes). Zak Sawyer stood in for McCain and received 4%; Emily Graham, being Obama, got 29% of the votes; Nia James represented the Libertarian Bob Barr and earned 2% of the votes; and Jesse Goldberg was Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney and took 17%.


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Why is it that, when I should be working on some paper or another, I manage to get thoroughly sidetracked and end up partaking in such activities as playing zOMG on Gaia and watching "talking cat" videos on YouTube? Do my procrastinating abilities know no bounds?

In other news, I voted this morning. I was in line at 6:45 a.m. with my mom and younger brother. It was his first time voting, and he made it memorable - he tripped and nearly toppled the voting booth he was at when he was done with his ballot. We got breakfast tacos afterwards. Huzzah.

And now I'm procrastinating by updating my LiveJournal. I'm going to go write that paper now.


Okay, okay, I'm going.
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Sigh. Bleh.

01) I am dealing with a personal issue. I try to not think about it since there's nothing I can do at the moment, but it's always at the back of my mind. Always. It's wearing me down. Hopefully it can be resolved soon, or if it can't be resolved than hopefully I can come to terms with it.

02) Aunt Flo finally showed up after a few days of warning signs. Bitch.

03) I'm sorry for not showing up or calling you back, Melanie. I need to put more effort into not letting the previous two points affect my mood to the point that it affects my dealings with other people.

I'm going to end the post there, because I have some neutral and positive things I'd like to talk about, but not while I'm in this sort of mood.

I think chocolate and caffeine might help. Mmm.
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